Reliable stable operation performance
Past implementation example shows that the system operates with stability for 365 days continuously.
Our company considers a "non-stopping system" to be important for a server system and therefore we create a high quality finished WebGIS engine (MAPIN AX).

Made in Japan Made in Japan 
Though a great majority of GIS engines are made in Europe and the United States and translated into Japanese, MAPIN contributes its technical capability to society through this rare GIS engine, genuinely made in Japan.

For Appraisal System, Financial Sales Support System,
and Housing Loan Refinancing Sales Support System,
please send a request to Iyo Engineering of performance and technology.

Valuable information that nobody has seen exists in a database.
MAPIN allows you to see the valuable information anytime you would like.

Financial solution system
 Financial solution promotion sales Gr. of System Division markets IT solution systems designed for financial institutions which are engineered and developed by utilizing our company's patented technology, and WebGIS technology.
 IT solutions for financial institutions our company provides, is a system for a series of financial institution's fundamental services, such as an "appraisal system for individual users," "corporate appraisal system," "sales support system," and "client information management system."
 Iyo Engineering Co. LTD. has been developing the map information system GIS for 20 years. During this period, we acquired the basic patent for GIS and developed "MAPIN" as a product being capable of competing with foreign made GIS. We completed a lot of products such as installation of GPS into GIS and WebGIS utilizing the internet.