Business lines
System Division Provides the software "MAPIN" which is a map information system that will work with a client's existing database. Also offers an effective appraisal system specialized to financial institutions, customized systems based on customer's request, and delivers map data.

MAPIN is a useful tool to assist in the improvement of existing database functions that was developed as an object-oriented GIS which utilizes our company's patented technology. It receives high evaluation marks as a map information system that real estate, electric, gas, and newspaper companies, as well as the forest industry, and other lines of business can utilize.

Many systems that are similar to MAPIN, recognize the value of our patented existing database compatibility system, as it is used as a selling point for those systems.
Also, we make a concerted effort to deliver products that exceed customer's expectations by offering consultation, support, and after sales service when we develop and deliver the customized system.

Furthermore, with our map data offering service, we convert or raster data from the client's preexisting maps and deliver them as high quality map data.
Engineering Division We send employees to other companies, mainly in Hiroshima and Matsuyama, as contractors to engineer automobile and agricultural machines.

At automobile engineering, we create advanced automobile designs such as body, chassis, and engines by utilizing 3D CAD software on the company provided state-of-the-art computers.

At agricultural engineering, we design a wide variety of agricultural machines such as rice transplanters.
Company Profile
Company Name Iyo Engineering INC.
Founded November 30th, 1982
Capital ¥53,000,000
Representative Akihiro Yamamoto
Headquarters Matsuyama-shi, Ehime
Business Office Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Business Lines Engineering Division
  ・Automobile development engineering
  ・industrial mechanical development engineering
  ・Pressing mold engineering
  ・Particular worker Dispatching Undertakings
System Division
  ・Development, manufacturing, and sales of map
   information system
  ・System engineering, customized software
Catalog ・MAPIN Expert(Map Information Software)
・MAPIN SDK/MAPIN SDK-LT(Map Information System
 Development Kit)
MAPIN AX (Web Geographical Information System【Web
 GIS】Development Kit)